Benefits of Using Custom Bottled Water for Your Business



Custom Labeled bottled water is a unique and effective way to advertise products or services. Incorporating custom labels into marketing campaigns can provide businesses with several benefits that traditional print mediums cannot offer.

One of the main advantages of using custom bottled water labels is that it is an affordable advertising medium. Compared to buying air time, printing ads, or trying to break through in Google, most custom bottled water campaigns cost a third of traditional print mediums. Labels and bottles combined, even with alkaline or electrolyte enhanced water, is usually more affordable than other forms of advertising.

Another benefit of custom bottled water labels is that they offer a mobile form of advertising for free. Because most people take their water bottles with them wherever they go and even reuse them, businesses have a form of advertising that keeps on going and they don’t have to pay anything for it beyond the initial investment. It’s also a memorable form of advertising since they can spread around bottled water in a number of events and it’s hard to forget from what one was drinking. These bottles end up in fridges, purses, cup holders and on desks or counter tops. Your brand gets plenty of mileage out of the same spend.

Custom bottled water labels also offer a form of advertising that lets businesses give back to the community. More and more companies we work with are providing their custom labeled bottles of water to local events, churches, school concession stands, film festivals, and for disaster relief. By providing custom bottled water made from rPET bottles and with healthy water inside, businesses can satisfy both of these societal urges and spread their message around at the same time. Giving back to the community is a great way to ensure that the community will keep coming back to them.

Lastly, custom bottled water offers a simple and yet creative way to share a message. The label forces businesses to create a message that is concise and simplistic and yet at the same time create something that is entirely theirs. Many businesses are placing QR codes that take customers directly to a website for more info. Others are placing coupon codes to drive sales and support promotional campaigns. From the water, to the shape, to the label, they can create something that fully represents their business without worrying about adhering to other rules. It’s all yours!

While bottled water isn’t the only medium to get an advertising message out to the world, it is a great way to add more to advertising techniques. It’s effective, affordable, fun, and businesses can be more community-minded while they do it. All of these are great ways to improve a message and a business, so give it a try for yourself today!

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