Here’s what most of our customers ask us when they are first introduced to our brand and products. Please read these questions and answers. They help you understand our process of delivering the best bottled water to you.


For general inquires please call us at 702-944-4202 or
email us at info@nbwlv.

What is Custom Label Bottle Water?

Custom label bottled water is advertising on a bottle, perfect for marketing in Full Color Digital Printing included in the price! Custom label bottled water is ideal for trade-shows, business branding, social events, associations and entertainment. Many of our customers are nationally known companies using custom label bottled water for promotions, trade shows, and grand openings. Other customers buy custom label bottled water for their local car dealerships, banks, churches, schools, and other local businesses.

Who Advertises with Custom Bottle Labels?

Businesses use customized bottled water to advertise their products and services. A common use of custom label bottled water is seen at sporting events, fund raisers and political events. Our custom label bottled water is regularly found at corporate outings, golf tournaments and company picnics. Also, social gatherings are a great place to find custom label bottled water. Our custom label bottled water is relied upon by schools, churches and charities. Custom label bottled water is used to promote banks, car dealerships and car rental agencies. Enjoy custom label bottle water and other creative marketing today!

What is the pricing and minimum quantity?

Please visit our quotes page for pricing inquiries. Keep in mind that pricing is tiered and based upon the quantity of product ordered. 24 cases is the minimum order.

If I'm ordering Water Bottle Labels how do I know what bottles to use or how the labels will fit?

Please contact us for any artwork specs for more information about bottles and label sizes. A great way to scale your label to fit is to measure out on a blank piece of paper the two sizes of labels we offer ( 2.25″ H x 7.75″ W. and 2.25″ H x 9.25″ W) and cut them out. Then wrap them around bottles to figure out which size works best for you. We will soon have spec sheets posted online easy viewing.

Are the labels waterproof?

We offer gloss paper and  100% completely waterproof labels. Our waterproof labels are made from a high quality synthetic material so they will stand up to ice and water.

How do I order?

Choose which quantity and size bottle you would like and contact us via email or call (702) 944 -4202.

How can I check the status of my order?

The best way is to contact our customer service department with your purchase order number and we will be able to tell you exactly where your order stands.

How will I know when my order is completed?

You will receive an invoice on either the day your order has been shipped or the day following shipment. The invoice will be e-mailed to you.

What is your standard production time?

Production will take appoximately 20 to 30 days to finish.

Can you do rush orders and, if so, what is the charge?

Yes, we can accommodate almost any rush request depending on the size of the bottle and the time of the year. The cost depends on a variety of factors so please contact your customer service rep for exact details.

Is there a charge if the order has to be cancelled?

If there has been any work done on the order, such as a proof produced or the printing of labels, there will be a cancellation charge. If your order has not yet gone to the art department, there will be no cancellation charge.

Custom Labels Are Printed In Full Color

Our customized labels are printed in full color digital printing on the labels that wrap around the water bottles. We do offer templates and artwork creation help with your order.

What kind of file formats can I upload to your site or send to you guys?

If you are designing your own custom label, you can upload .jpg, .tif and .png files. We DO NOT accept low quality files. Files will need to be at least 300 DPI resolution. 

Click here to check out our minimum required label artwork specs and download the label template.

Please contact us via email or call (702) 944 -4202 for more information.

Will I receive a proof of my label?

After you have submitted your artwork to us we will format it to the final printing press size and email you a final proof

How well do the colors on my screen match up to the printed colors?

We cannot guarantee that the colors on your screen will match the colors on the label exactly. Each monitor is calibrated to display color differently, so it’s impossible to guarantee that the colors you see on your screen will match what is printed.  For the most accurate color match please use Pantone color matching, for more info visit

How long will it take to get my order?

Our production time for label design is approximately 3 days. Once you approve the artwork please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer delivery to everywhere in the world. Shipping fees will depend on the size of your order. If you need special delivery arrangements please contact us for details.

How is the water packaged and what does it weigh?


  Packaging Case Weight Cases/Pallet Full Pallet Weight
24 per case 22 lbs 96 1878 lbs
16.9 Ounce 24 per case 30 lbs 72 2190 lbs
33.8 Ounce 12 per case 30 lbs 56 1830 lbs
Once my order has shipped, will I be able to track its progress to the final destination?

We will make all tracking numbers available through our website. You will be given a unique user name and password as part of your acknowledgement that you can use to access your shipment.

Can we use our own freight company or do we need to use whoever you specify?

You can absolutely use a carrier of your own choice. We will require a copy of their bill of lading and a contact name and phone number at the freight company.

Can you ship using UPS or FedEx?

We can, although we are usually very reluctant to do so. It is generally much more costly to ship via these methods and often results in a greater degree of damage than palletizing the cases and using a common carrier. If you or your client absolutely requires us to ship through UPS or FedEx, we will need an account number to use and a letter from the owner of that number authorizing us to use it. Please contact customer service for more information

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