The general rule is that the quality of your label largely depends on the quality of the artwork you provide.

For All Label Sizes

Our goal is to produce the highest quality product for every order and process every order in a timely manner, but we do need your help to do so.

The general rule is that the quality of your label largely depends on the quality of the artwork you provide.

Art files can be emailed to:

or mailed to:

Attn: Art Department
Nevada Bottled Water
1415 S. Arville St., Ste 102. 
Las vegas, Nevada 89102

Please note that when you think about your design, the finished label will go on a curved surface. You will therefore be able to see only about 2.5 inches of your label at one time (16.9oz label). While you can add text and images that cover the entire label space, you may want to consider that most important part of your image and/or message is easiest to read if it is positioned in the middle of the label.

Acceptable files are:

  • pdf
  • ai
  • eps
  • 300 dpi jpg

(Sorry, no Microsoft Word/Office files are acceptable)

Raster (continuous tone) images:


  • Must have a resolution of 300dpi
  • CMYK
  • Images with lower than 300 dpi resolution will be pixelated or blurry
  • Leave room for CRV, Nutrition Panel (optional), and source information. But do not include with file.

Vector images:


  • Please outline all type to avoid font issues
  • (No True Type fonts.)

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I do not have digital art, can you scan my original art?

Yes, if art is clean and of sufficient size we can scan most flat art. Not everything is usable however, the Art Dept will let you know if your art will scan properly.

Will I see a proof? If so, How long does it take to receive a proof?

Yes. You will receive a proof by e-mail and/or by fax. You will usually get a proof within three days of our receiving good usable art. If the art department needs to work on what you send us or if there are any changes to the original art, the time for a proof could be extended.

Can you print using PMS colors or metallic inks?

Yes. We can discuss this when you are sending in your quote or give us a call for more information. Since we normally print in four-color process (CMYK), the use of custom PMS inks will add 2 weeks to your overall production time.

What's the entire process when purchasing custom label bottle water, starting from when my order is placed to when I receive my order?

First you send us the design, logo and message on your custom water bottle label. Be sure to send us the following information along with your custom label and artwork:

  1. Desired bottle type
  2. Size
  3. Cap type (regular or sport cap)
  4. Quantity (how many desired bottles in your order)

You can send this information to us by click here and filling out your order information on our quote form. After receiving your artwork and the above information about your order, we’ll send you a pricing quotation breakdown on your order. After your order is placed and finalized, production will begin on your order. Production will take approximately 20 to 30 days to finish. Finally, we shipped your order to you.

Do you have any stock label art available?

Yes. You can view them now, just click here and you can download any of the stock water bottle label art we have on the site. We show all of our stock labels in our catalog as well as on the website. Please periodically check the website as we will be constantly adding new stock artwork to our library of labels.