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Branding with your slogan on private label bottles - Nevada Bottled Water

An important part of any successful business is having a slogan or mission statement to impart to others. This message (or values if you prefer) is the core around which you build the rest of your business marketing and communication with your customers. Every single shop owner, website, or corporation with any profits has a core message and values that they use to build their identity.

It’s easy enough to find this message in areas like the About Us web page or on business cards, but what about other places? One of the most effective ways in which you can impart your core message is through private label bottled water. Both the message on the label and even the bottle itself can tell customers all about you–as long as you are smart about how you do it!

Your Slogan

The slogan you want to send to others should be short and catchy. It should be obvious in just a few seconds precisely what you are providing to others and what customers can expect to get out of you. You can expound on it in greater detail in places like your newsletter, brochures and website, but the initial message should be short, sweet–and most importantly, memorable!

Yet spreading your message in this form is not always an easy or cheap task! This is where using a cost effective branding tool is necessary, such as private label bottled water. Custom labels also force you to keep your message short and sweet because you only have a small space in which to do your messaging. When you are forced to keep your tagline to just a few words, you have to think very carefully about precisely what your message is and how to make it resonate with others. It may not be quick to create, but it’s worthwhile. And since everyone drinks water, you can spread your message among a wider audience with ease.

The Message Your Bottle Says

The private label bottles you choose to give to others also tells people about your business, so make sure the message is a good one. For example, if you use rPET plastics, you show that you are more environmentally friendly (these plastics are very easy to recycle). If you use unique bottle shapes, you show that you want to be memorable and you enjoy doing things creatively. Offering purified water shows that you are concerned for the health of others while offering infused water shows that you are artistic and enjoy experimenting. The packaging holding your message shows just as much about your message as the actual words say! And if the packaging doesn’t match the message,  you may be sending conflicting messages to your customers.

A clever marketer will use the bottle and water itself to deliver a message above and beyond what is written on the label. If you own a sporting goods store, not only will you have your message written on it, but you’ll also provide water that is good for sports lovers. Every bit of your marketing tools should in some way relate to what you’re selling and that includes the very bottle that your label is affixed to.